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Welcome to the American Express Travel Partner Network web site. Our business model is to partner with leading travel agencies in the world, with goals to drive value to our Network Partners and our Global Business Travel clients.

American Express operates one of the world’s largest travel agency networks with locations in over 140 countries worldwide. With Business Travel clients globally, we are dedicated to help our customers realize the greatest value from their investment in travel through increased cost savings, outstanding customer service and greater spend control.

The Travel Partner Network combines the global strength of American Express Business Travel with the local knowledge of each Partner to deliver on a comprehensive network, absolute dependability and the deepest insight to our clients.

Through their relationship with American Express, our Partners can leverage our unique brand of service and expertise to enhance their profitability and presence. We bring a host of benefits to the partnership, including association with an established brand, industry expertise, and global experience and scale.

American Express Business Travel continues to be one of the few corporate travel management companies with a stable global, regional and local footprint. We are continuing to grow and expand into new markets through investments in both proprietary businesses and partnerships. Our vision is: Powering global commerce as the world’s most trusted travel partner.

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